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Monday, August 5, 2013

Crafting Lughnassadh

Merry Meet Everyone!

As the summer speeds by and the commercials for back-to-school clothes and supplies flood the media outlets, I am reminded again how fast time gets by me.  Being a Witch doesn't necessarily mean I can influence time or slow it down any.  I have the same 24 hours in a day that everyone else does, and the Wheel of the Year keeps turning!

Lughnassadh or Lammas as some call it, is right around the corner.  Some of you may wonder what calendar I use, as many Wiccans or Pagans have already celebrated Lammas or Lughnassadh on August 1st and or 2nd.  I subscribe to the belief that the cross-quarter holidays should be celebrated on the zodiacal point on the calendar, not on a specific date.  Thus, Lughnassadh would be celebrated this year on the eve of August 6th and the day of August 7th.  These dates are determined by the cross-quarter day being at 4:21 am EST on Wednesday August 7th the Sun reaches 15 degrees of Leo, and the New Moon occurring at 5:51 pm Tuesday August 6th.  Thus, the holiday would begin after sundown the 6th and continue into the day on the 7th.

For a busy single Mom working full-time at a mundane job and trying to keep a arts and crafts website going, and now a blog, I sometimes let the everyday things get in the way of practicing my craft.  I sometimes forget the new moons and barely acknowledge the full moons.  It is equally difficult sometimes to make extra time to celebrate the turning of the wheel.

This Lughnassadh is different from last year only in two ways.  First, I am a year older, and so is everything around me, and Second, I have a day to prepare!  Never let it be said that Witches can't be crafty!  How will I celebrate this year differently than last year?  I will say an extra prayer of Thanks to the Goddess and the God for all that I have been blessed with this past year.

Lugnassadh is the first of the three Harvest Festivals.  This would be the Fruit and fresh Vegetable Harvest.  This is the time of the year the all the fruits are coming into their most perfect ripeness.  Think of a fresh peach and what it feels like to bite into it and have the juices run down your chin!  If you haven't experienced this, it is definitely a must-try!  This is the perfect time of year to plan a trip out to a farm and pick your own berries or fruit.  If you don't live in an area where you can do this, there are still ways to celebrate.  If you have the luxury of having your own garden, you are blessed for certain!

One of the best ways to celebrate the Lughnassadh holiday is to just give thanks for all the blessings that have been bestowed upon you during the past year since the last holiday.  If you can get out to a produce stand where you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables just picked from the trees or vines, that is second best to being able to pick your own.  If you can't do that, go to your local grocer and "pick" the best of what they have available by paying attention to the pieces you choose.  Really think about where the fruit or vegetable came from.  It grew from the earth, from the fresh rains and sunshine.  If you can afford organic, all the better.

The main way to celebrate the Lughnassadh holiday is to take whatever time you can to be present in your own reality, and make the holiday your own.

Blessed Be everyone, and Merry Part!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Wiccan Rede, part 2

Yesterday I posted two variations of the long version of the Wiccan Rede.  Today I am posting the short version.  If nothing else, it is easier to memorize!

Bide the Wiccan Law ye must,
In perfect love, in perfect trust. Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill:
An ye harm none, do as ye will.
And ever mind the Rule of Three:
What ye send out, comes back to thee.
Follow this with mind and heart,
And merry ye meet, and merry ye part..
There are at least three major components to this Rede.
The first being "In Perfect Love, in Perfect Trust".
This to me signifies unconditional love, or "love without boundaries".
The second important tenant is "An ye harm none, do as ye will".  This I believe is the most important of all.  Don't do anything to try to influence anyone else's life or universe.  This has very far-reaching consequences.  For instance, if we do Magick to get a job, we need to be ever mindful that we are looking to get a "type" of job, and not a particular job in a particular company that would influence someone else's life.  Being a mindful Witch or Magickal worker takes an immense amount of thought and comes with a huge amount of responsibility.  Responsibility to ourselves and toward humankind and all the universe.  It may sound cliche, but we do really have the world in the palm of our hands.
The third important rule, is "What ye send out, comes back to thee", in three!  This is pretty simple, yet also very complex.  If you do good, good will come to you.  If you do ill, bad will come to you.  Not quite that simple, but a subject we will discuss more in depth later.
The Wiccan Rede is a good place to start for any practicing Witch, Wiccan, Magick worker or Pagan, because it holds many important pieces of information that can be life-altering to those who break the tenants.  It is also a great place to start studying, and worth the time spent pondering it.
Merry Meet and Merry Part and,
Blessed Be!
Liz T

Monday, April 30, 2012

The Wiccan Rede

Below are two versions of the long form of the Wiccan Rede, this first one also known as the Rede of the Wiccae or the Witch's Creed

Hear now the word of the Witches, the secrets we hid in the night,
When dark was our destinys pathway, That now we bring forth in the light.

Mysterious Water and Fire, The Earth and the wide-ranging Air,
By hidden Quintessence we know Them, and we will keep silent and dare.

The birth and rebirth of all Nature, the passing of Winter and Spring,
We share with the life Universal, rejoice in the Magical Ring

Four times in the year the Great Sabbat, returns, and the Witches are seen,
At Lammas and Candelas dancing, on May Eve and old Halloween

When daytime and nighttime are equal, when sun is at greatest and least,
The four lesser Sabbats are summoned, again Witches gather in feast.

Thirteen silver moons in a year are, thirteen is the Covens array,
Thirteen times at Esbat make merry, for each golden year and a day.

The power has passed down the ages, each time between woman and man
Each century unto the other, ere times and the ages began.

When drawn is the Magickal circle, by sword or athame of power,
Its compass between two worlds lies, in the land of shades of that hour.

Our world has no right to know it, and the world beyond will tell naught,
The oldest of Gods are invoked there, the great work of Magic is wrought.

For two are the mystical pillars, that stand at the gate of the shrine,
And two are the powers of Nature, the forms and the forces divine.

And do what thou wilt be the challenge, so be it in love that harms none,
For this is the only commandment, By Magick of old be it done.

Eight words the Witches Rede fulfill:
If it Harms none, Do what Thou Will!

"The Rede of the Wiccae should be credited to Lady Gwen Thompson for originally publishing it back in 1975 edition Green Egg Magazine".

The Wiccan Rede

Bide the Wiccan Laws we must, in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust
Soft of eye and light of touch, we speak little and listen much
We heed flower, bush, and tree, by the Lady blessed be
Revere all life; respect all things, to us great blessings the Forces bring
When we have a true need, we hearken not to other’s greed
With no fool a season spend, lest we be counted as his or her friend
Merry we meet and merry we part, bright our cheeks and warm our heart
With everything we live and let live, we fairly take and we fairly give
We wear the pentacle to remind us of, The Lady and Lord and their Divine Love
We cast the circle thrice about, to keep unwanted energies out
To bind the spell every time, every spell we speak in rhyme
Greater Power will this lend, and to our will all things do bend
In our hands the Power we hold, to make the new and recreate the old
And whether or not we win or lose, we always respect others’ right to choose
We work for the Good of everyone, the spell is cast and it is done
Both Lady and Lord so Divine, You show us a way and give us a sign
The four tools of the Lady and Lord, Cup, Wand, Pentacle, and Sword
Where the rippling waters go, we cast a stone and truth we know
When in doubt the cards make clear, all that we have need to hear
Divination always shows the way, truth is shown come what may
It’s not what we do but what we intend, that determines how all things will end
Harm comes from thought as well as deed, every thought we think is a seed
Each time it’s repeated the power flows, into the seed and stronger it grows
The power is always amply supplied, for all that we do is multiplied
Mind the Threefold Law we should, three times bad and three times good
This warning we must always heed, when following the Wiccan Rede
All things in time as the Wheel turns round, to the cycles of life we are bound
Cross quarters and quarters we do keep great blessings all year round we reap
Respect the phases of the Moon, with the cycles of life we live in tune
Blessed by day and blessed by night, guided always by the Light
Of Infinite Love in everything, with hearts uplifted and souls that sing
We know our work is truly done, when we wish Peace and Love to everyone
The Wiccan Rede we do fulfill: “An ye harm none, do as ye will.”
It's not really clear how many times the Rede has been re-written.  I do not claim any credit for either, and give credit where it is available.

Blessed Be!

Liz T

Saturday, April 28, 2012


What is Empowering?  Empowering is having belief in yourself and your personal powers.

Empowering is also putting your personal power into your spells and rituals.

There is abundant power in the Universe.  The power of the Universe and in the Universe is endless.

One of the ways we can increase our personal power is to get enough rest and to meditate.  On top of that there are a couple of other ways to increase our personal power.

Here is one way:

Stand up and put your feet about shoulder width apart, and your head level, looking straight ahead.  Put your arms up to your sides, straight out.  Put your dominant hand palm up, and your non-dominant hand palm down.  Next, picture in your mind, a stream of white light coming down from above.  Picture that stream of white light coming down into the palm of your dominant hand and spreading through your body.  It will feel slightly warm and tingly.  Picture the white light energy coursing throughout your body and filling it up with pure energy.  Your whole body will be warm and tingly.  Next, feel the old, dull energy, exiting the palm of your non-dominant hand.  You are now full of brand new, white light energy!  Stand in this position as long as you can, feeling the energy filling you.

When you stand like this, in what is called the Star Pose, you can feel the energy entering and coursing through your body.  It is exciting!  If you don't feel a lot the first few times, don't give up!  It will happen, but it takes practice!

A word of caution, please be careful how often you stand in the Star Pose at first.  Please be careful that you don't get too much energy at first, and that you don't get dizzy and fall over.  There is a lot of energy in this power gaining adventure!  Use your best judgement!

Next time, we will discuss the "Cone of Power", which is another way to increase your personal power.

Stay tuned!

Blessed Be!

Liz T

Friday, April 27, 2012

Witchy Wares

I am definitely not an expert on fashion, but I believe I do have a little insight in what is popular in the Witchy world.

My insight comes from years of observation.  What I have noticed is that Witch's and Pagan's are eclectic.  We don't conform to one direct line of style.  One thing is for sure though, we usually know what we like.

Witch's and Pagan's seem to have a knack for following our own path.  We are usually very non-conformist.  We like a lot of different things.  Some dress very simply, in loose-fitting, flowing styles.  Some dress very formally in very fitting garments.

Some of us dress primarily in black, where others dress in very bright, some call hippie colors.

We can be boho, we can be chic.  We can be laid back, we can be sexy.  Some of us can be all of the above.

We all have our unique style.

You may never guess which ones of us are Witch's or Pagan's, because we may look just like everyone else.

The one sure way to tell, look into our eyes.  You will see a wisdom, a knowledge or knowing, that few others have.

We are indeed one-of-a-kind and unique.

Things to think on!

Blessed Be!

Liz T

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Magick in the Mundane World

First we need to define Mundane as it applies to Witchcraft.

The Mundane world is our everyday world.  It is getting up in the morning and going through our ritual of getting a shower, washing our hair, brushing our teeth, getting dressed, going to work, etc.

Magick can be found anywhere and everywhere.  The trick, if there is one, is to know how to look for it.  Looking for it can be easy, or difficult.  It is up to you!  The main thing I want to get across is that it takes an open mind and imagination to see Magick everywhere you go!

If you see a sonogram of your unborn child in your womb, isn't that Magick?  Sure, it is a great deal of technology, but isn't that Magick?  A human or humans figured out how to take an image and show you what your unborn child looks like through layer after layer of skin and muscle and blood!  Are we so jaded by technology, that we can't see the Magick in that!?

If you  see a fantastic rainbow after a summer rainstorm, how hard is it to see the Magick in that?  Or a brilliant sunrise or sunset?

What we need to do, it truly appreciate what we have all around us!  There is real Magick in the world, and we will be learning how to see it and manifest it!

The next time you make a cup of coffee or tea, or something to drink.  Think about how you can add Magick to it.  Would it make you feel better to add a teaspoon of honey, or a sprinkle of cinnamon?  Would it taste better to drink it out of a special cup?

We will talk about adding Magick to our Spells and Ritual next time.

Look for the Magick in the Mundane!

Blessed Be!

Liz T

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Timing plays a big role in Witchcraft, Spellcasting and Ritual.  The better timed the work or event, the better it will work.

Full Moon Ritual should be done the night before or the night of the full Moon.  Sabbats should be celebrated on the Sabbat Quarter or Crossquarter, not on the chosen day on the Calendar.

An example would be the upcoming Sabbat of Beltane.  Some call it "May Day" and celebrate it on May 1st.  I will celebrate it on May 5th, which is the Beltane Crossquarter day, when the Sun reaches 15 degrees of Taurus.  (Just for the record, this year, Beltane is on a Full Moon and on Cinco de Mayo.)

Spells for releasing bad habits should be timed for the Waning Moon, which is when the Moon has gone through the third quarter and is between the fourth quarter and the New or Dark Moon.

Spells for increase, as in Money spells or Abundance Spells should be performed and timed when the Moon is nearly full or full, when the Power is the greatest for increase.

Timing is everything, and there are many more ways to time Spells and Rituals, and more will follow soon.

Stay tuned...

Blessed Be!

Liz T