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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Do Witch's Really Fly?

The answer...No and Yes!

Of course, an explanation follows!  Part of the history and mystery of the Witch is that they fly around on brooms.  The mystique is interesting, but only partially true.  The broom, or Besom as we witches like to call them, are a main symbol of the Witch.  We Witch's however, use Besoms as Magickal Tools, sometimes Ritualistically, to "sweep away" negative energies.  Besoms are generally kept in the home, either near the door, or near the Hearth (Fireplace), as a clearing tool, used as described above.  Yes, some of us actually do use them mundanely to sweep our floors!

As far as Witch's Flying on Brooms, this probably goes back to the middle ages.  There are differing versions, but most have to do with "Flying" by using drugs, and "riding the broom" in a should I say, "physical way"!  The "Flying" was done by using hallucinogenic herbs, such as Atropa Belladonna, Henbane, and others by making an ointment with Hog's Lard and brewing it over the fire to extract the oils from the plants and into the lard, so that the ointment can then be rubbed on the body.  Those wishing to "Fly" would rub the ointment on their skin where it would most easily be absorbed without ingesting it, such as their armpits and "hairy nether regions", where the sweat glands are most prominent.  They would also rub the ointment on the staff of the broom, or besom and either straddle it and "ride" it or use it as a phallus and masturbated with it.  (I am not making this up folks!)

Anyway, that was then, and this is now!  Today, some Witch's still use "Flying Ointments" or "Flying Balms", but whey are usually made with non-toxic herbs and the user is STRONGLY encouraged to use them safely and sanely, by only using them on their wrists, or on the "third eye" which is slightly below the center of the forehead or on their temples, but well away from their eyes.  Current "Flying Ointments" are made with vegetable oil and non-toxic herbs, and "Flying Balms" are made with Beeswax and a Carrier Oil, such as Olive, Grapeseed or Almond and Essential Oils made from non-toxic herbs.

Yes, some out there try to reproduce the old fashioned recipes, but using "Baneful" or Poisonous Herbs is just down right dangerous, and very unsafe!  These herbs are Poisonous and not used today for a reason, people still DIE from using them!

The safe way to use "Flying Ointments" and "Flying Balms" is to use the non-toxic ones, and to do it the correct and safe way.

The ones I will produce for Silverwolf Designs©, Silverwolf Herbals© and Silverwolf Essentials©, will be pure and LEGAL and safe, if used correctly!  I will also include very detailed instructions for using them effectively, safely and to get excellent results!  And, without putting your life or health in danger!

So, the answer to our earlier question is, yes.  Some Witch's do fly, just not physically.  When we fly, it is spiritually and psychically!  (What you do with your Besom is up to you!)

More later...

Blessed Be!

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