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Monday, April 23, 2012

Witch Crafts

Many crafts can and could be considered "Witch Crafts".  Crafting is an art unto itself and many crafts started out with Pagan or Witch roots.

Think if you will, about the scarecrow in the farmer's field.  Not just for show, it was made for a purpose.  To keep the birds from the valuable crops!

Back many hundreds of years ago, the farmer's wife would make dolly's out of corn husks, known as Corn Dolly's.  These would not only be for the little children to play with, but a sign of thanks to the Gods for the bounty of the harvest.

Poppets, small cloth dolls stuffed with herbs and other ingredients, were made to represent someone.  Many Poppets were made to represent the person the spell was intended to be cast for, or on.

Gourds and Pumpkins were carved to scare off spirits on All Hallows Eve.  Special Logs were burned with Holly for the Oak King at Yule, known as Yule Logs.

There are many crafts to come!  Stay tuned, and I will describe them and also give directions for many of them!

There are also numerous crafts that have Pagan roots.  We will discuss many of them throughout the year as the Sabbats come along.

There are eight Sabbats during the year.  The next being Beltane, which occurs on May 5th this year, which is also the full moon.

We will discuss Beltane very soon in an upcoming post.

Blessed Be!

Liz T

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