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Friday, April 20, 2012


Ah, one of the main topics that people want to know about when talking to Witches or about Witchcraft, how to do Spells.  Next to Magick, it is one of the things most asked about.

So what is a "Spell" exactly?  A spell is a combination of several things.  It is part Ritual, part Magick, part Intent, and part Planning.

The ingredients needed for a spell can be either very elaborate, or very simple.

An example of a simple spell is a young child skipping aimlessly about in the rain, sing-songing the old rhyme "Rain, Rain, go away, come again some other day."  Guess what?  That is indeed a simple spell!  And it can and has been very effective!  Why?  Because with the right intent, it works!  And it has worked for centuries!  Spells work when the intent is genuine, and it is sent out to the universe correctly.  If the child has every intent for it to work, it will work.  What stops a spell from working?  When we adults tell the child it won't work and the child believes it won't work.  In order for a spell and the spell-caster or Witch to be effective, the person performing the spell has to "believe" that the spell will work.

Guess what?  Magick is real, and spells do work!  If you believe they will, and you have to believe.  The minute you believe or think that it won't work or think "what am I doing, this is silly, this will never happen", guess what, it won"t happen!  Doubt kills correct intent.

If you were raised to believe Magick isn't real, you can still believe in it.  It just takes practice to open your mind and clear out the dis-belief.

Have you ever been driving somewhere you always go and suddenly find yourself going a different direction or stopping somewhere you wouldn't ordinarily go, then later find out there was a wreck right where you would have normally gone?  What caused you to change where you were going?  Some call it Magick.  It can happen for many different reasons.  Magick is all around, if you look for it.  If you spend time looking, and open your mind, you will find lots and lots of Magick.  The more Magick you find, the more you will believe.  If you let yourself believe.  Clear out the doubt and it is possible to believe.

An example of an elaborate spell will be our next topic.

Blessed Be!

Liz T

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