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Saturday, April 28, 2012


What is Empowering?  Empowering is having belief in yourself and your personal powers.

Empowering is also putting your personal power into your spells and rituals.

There is abundant power in the Universe.  The power of the Universe and in the Universe is endless.

One of the ways we can increase our personal power is to get enough rest and to meditate.  On top of that there are a couple of other ways to increase our personal power.

Here is one way:

Stand up and put your feet about shoulder width apart, and your head level, looking straight ahead.  Put your arms up to your sides, straight out.  Put your dominant hand palm up, and your non-dominant hand palm down.  Next, picture in your mind, a stream of white light coming down from above.  Picture that stream of white light coming down into the palm of your dominant hand and spreading through your body.  It will feel slightly warm and tingly.  Picture the white light energy coursing throughout your body and filling it up with pure energy.  Your whole body will be warm and tingly.  Next, feel the old, dull energy, exiting the palm of your non-dominant hand.  You are now full of brand new, white light energy!  Stand in this position as long as you can, feeling the energy filling you.

When you stand like this, in what is called the Star Pose, you can feel the energy entering and coursing through your body.  It is exciting!  If you don't feel a lot the first few times, don't give up!  It will happen, but it takes practice!

A word of caution, please be careful how often you stand in the Star Pose at first.  Please be careful that you don't get too much energy at first, and that you don't get dizzy and fall over.  There is a lot of energy in this power gaining adventure!  Use your best judgement!

Next time, we will discuss the "Cone of Power", which is another way to increase your personal power.

Stay tuned!

Blessed Be!

Liz T

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