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Monday, April 16, 2012

Herbs and Crystals

As I get ready for my new venture, my new online store, I have been stocking up on the ingredients to create my masterpieces. (she says with a slightly wicked chuckle! LOL)

I have been storing in lots and lots of special Herbs, Essential Oils and Crystals and Pentacles and other goodies!  Lots and lots of goodies! LOL

Anyway, Witch Crafting is sort of like cooking.  But instead of Mother's or Grandmother's Love going into the recipe, it's a great amount of "intention".  Okay, so maybe it is just like Mother's or Grandmother's Love.

Intention is what empowers a spell or a potion, and I believe I have plenty of good intent.  No pun intended.  LOL

What you will find in my new shop are plenty of good old fashioned Witchy items, including but not limited to:  Witch's Flying Ointment, different Balms, Incense, Bath Salts, Ritual Oils, and well...

I guess you will just have to stick around, because there are plenty of surprises to come!

Blessed Be!

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