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Tuesday, April 24, 2012


What is Intent?  Intent is a specific idea, followed up by exacting purpose.

I have mentioned Intent before where spells are involved.  Successful spells require specific Intent.

An example of Intent would be having an idea and following through on it.  If a person were to decide to go to the store, but have a flat tire on the way, and change the flat tire and get to the store anyway.  That is Intent.

Intent is having the tenacity to be like a bulldog.  To sink your teeth into something and not let go until the desire is achieved.

Intent is more than tenacity though.  Intent is single-minded purpose.  Intent is also purity of thought.  It is not letting other things surrounding them let them be dissuaded from their final outcome.

Another thing about Intent, is that it is direct.  When working a spell, it is best to turn off the phone, and not have any kind of electronics in the room at all when working the spell or Ritual.  Outside noises can distract us from our Intent.  It is also a good idea to cover windows and close doors, if there are a lot of distractions outside.

The more focused the person can be with their Intent, the better and more powerful the Witch or Spell-caster will be.

Focus of Intent is very, very powerful.  Focus takes practice, and believe it or not so does Intent.

Spend time practicing Intent.  See how many other ideas come to mind when trying to focus on one Intent.  The sooner one can weed out the fluff and interference that comes to mind, the stronger the Intent and the more powerful the focus.

Good Luck, and Blessed Be!

Liz T

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