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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spells, Part 2

As promised, the description of an elaborate spell follows:

The more elaborate spell is not always more effective, but it can be.  Once again, the main ingredients are Focus and Intent.  Those two things, above all, are what make a spell effective.  The rest of the ingredients are just trappings, but if they help the Witch or Spell-worker be more focused and put more intent and personal power into the spell, then that is what is needed to make it work.

Imagine if you will, a Witch or Magickal worker who takes an elaborate cleansing bath with herbs and candles, then dons special sacred garb, then clears a special room or a space in a room to do a special Magickal ritual, lighting candles and incense.

Once the Spell-worker has cleansed themselves and cleansed the area, they then cast a Magick circle, and smudge the area with special incense or some form of sage or other aromatic.  Once this is done, it is time to start the spell.  It is very important that the Spell-worker have everything assembled ahead of time in the area, so that the circle does not get broken once cast.  The next step will be to call the quarters (East, South, West and North--we almost always start in the East and move Clockwise).  This is usually done verbally and can also include lighting candles at each quarter.  Then we can either call the Elements separately (Air, Fire, Water, Earth) or this can be done at the same time we call the Quarters.  Then, we will call the Goddess and the God, asking them to be with us, and we can light a special candle for each.  Usually Silver for the Goddess and Gold for the God.  Once that is done, we do our spell.  This is usually the time we raise energy, either as a Force, or as a Cone of Power.  After we raise our power, we have to release it.  Then we thank the Goddess and God for being with us.  We then thank and dismiss the Elements and the Quarters.  The very last thing we do is open the circle.  After the spell is performed, we can clear the area again to disperse any excess energies.

If you will continue to follow my blog, all of these steps for a spell will be explained in depth and in detail in following posts.

The main thing, again about Spell-Casting, is Focus and Intent.  There are many ways to raise Power, and I will explain those in future posts.  The spell is only as effective as the Spell-Caster, and that will be explained more in future posts also.

Merry Meet and Merry Part and Merry Meet again!

Blessed Be!

Liz T

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